July 30, 2016 | 2:37 pm



Construction, Commercial, Real Estate, Home Improvement/2nd Mortgages, Dealer/Auto Loans.

Checking Accounts

Come in and see details for:
Small Business, Commercial Business, Non-Profit/Association/Organization (free), Regular Checking, Personal Free Checking, Senior Citizen Free, Ban Club, NOW, and Money Market.

Certificates of Deposit

As short as one month or up to five years, come in and check out our current rates.

Savings Accounts

Regular Savings, Kindergarten Savings, New Baby Savings.

Other Banking Services

Internet Banking, ACH, Wires, Escrow, Safe Deposit Boxes, Night Deposit, Check Printing, ATMs, Notary, Telephone Transfers, Monetary Instruments, Phone Banking, Bank by Mail, Treasury Tax Deposits, Saturday Drive Up, Savings Bonds, Stop Pays, Visa Check Card, ATM Cash Card, Mastercard, Automatic Transfers, Direct Deposit.